What is MobileBT?

A superior native ad platform & content distributor

Our company is one of fastest growing web content providers also developing & running services with and for internationally known business on all verticals. From interactive messaging to entertaining gaming stories we have a wide-range portfolio easily accessible online.

Furthermore, MobileBT is an advanced programmatic native ad exchange that matches buyers and sellers of native advertising. Our native ad platform offers comprehensive solutions for your needs and helps you to optimize and manage your business around native advertising. Integrated real time bidding and a global array of premium advertisers provide for an easy and intuitive tracking and reporting of your native ad revenues.

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Our Products and Services

Mobile-BT provides all web users with extensive, flexible and highly performant web content services and solutions

Through our user oriented services and products and by working with the most known web developers & publishers, we’re delivering the hottest contest both available for desktop and mobile. With cutting edge technology, daily updated feeds and a team that specializes in content optimization, we’re responsible for turning raw formats (audio, images, video, applications) into high end experiences that work seamlessly for the end user.

Enhancing web content experiences

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    Engaging web communities

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Tailor-made ads that integrate seamlessly with your app

Full customization and control of your ads to emulate the look and feel of your site/app. Create via our dashboard non-intrusive display or video ads to acquire high quality traffic.

  • Preferred by top publishers

    MobileBT is preferred by leading publishers for the optimal monetization of their audience via high quality traffic.

  • High quality traffic

    Choose between display, videos ads, slideshows and articles to attract huge audiences across our network of top publishers. Acquire high quality traffic and direct it to content through top publishers.

  • Industry leading CPMs

    Real time bidding technology and premium advertisers help you protect your price point and earn industry-high rates. Parametrize your minimum eCPM according to country and drive revenue-optimized traffic to top publishers.

  • Fast and easy

    Easy integration and fast implementation via lightweight devkit (SDK). Customizable payment options and calculator to project your earnings.


  • Class-leading native ad platform for optimal app monetization

    Comprehensive toolkit for optimal management and monitoring of your native ads.

  • Simple and intuitive reporting

    Convenient tools to track results, traffic and revenue with detailed charts and geographical breakdown per click.

  • High quality content

    Non-intrusive high quality display and video native ads designed to maximize audience and revenue.

  • eCPM with guaranteed results

    Parametrize your eCPM’s minimum rates depending on app, placement and country with.

  • Customize your native ad

    Use our editor to create a native ad that matches the look and feel of your app’s design.

  • Quality revenue assistant

    Use our automated assistant and our quality support team for in-depth advice on your native ad performance.


We've just launched and are only giving access to a select few publishers.
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